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Workforce Capacity Calculator™:
Building Your Optimum IT Human Capital Model

Success in an IT organization (ITO) is tied to having the right skills in the right place at the right time. AGSI uses its Workforce Capacity Calculator™ to analyze an ITO's specific type and volume of demand, apply proprietary calculations and then design an optimum human capital model to meet that demand. The calculator supplies the forecasting element that challenges most ITOs, allowing for more accurate resource allocation and utilization.

This research-based tool, built from experience in thousands of organizations, allows for a broad range of resource variables, including offshore resources, smart factory model or dumb factory model, SDLC and more. It can be accompanied by skills assessment and gap analysis for individual employees, as well as relevant improvement plans, to create a comprehensive resource management model.

AGSI's resource solutions help clients improve performance, manage variable capacity to best meet demand, and reduce total costs.

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