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EIF™: Delivering the ROI You Expected

Strategic acquisitions are required to fuel many companies' growth objectives, yet multiple studies have shown that 70% of major acquisitions fail to create value for the shareholders of the acquirer. Reasons range from potential risks that were ignored, to overestimated synergies, to ineffective integration of management teams. AGSI's Enterprise Integration Framework (EIF™) focuses on improving effectiveness across the life cycle of acquisitions, maximizing an organization's potential to achieve the ROI originally targeted.

EIF™ lays out an optimum integration model, beginning with the strategic intent of the acquisition. Is your objective to access new sales channels, or capture specific products or intellectual property? Do you need to increase the talent base in your organization? Are there joint opportunities you want to capture?

With your intent clearly established, our EIF™ methodology helps you plan for and move effectively through every stage of an acquisition – from developing the letter of intent, through due diligence and pre-close activities, and on to a structured acquisition integration and then tracking of performance. Program structure development, activity planning, progress evaluation, risk management and communication management are all addressed.

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Our integration solutions and customized playbooks allow organizations to:
  • Improve ROI through the reduction of hidden costs and surprises
  • Improve quality and reduce cycle times for M&A efforts
  • Improve employee morale by ensuring smooth integration
  • Stop reinventing the wheel with each acquisition
  • Depend on a predictable timeline
  • Grow internal integration capability
  • Leverage early learning from the integration process to best support management of the newly-created organization

The bottom line benefit: value realization is accelerated.

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